Onesimum at Foodex Japan

We are excited to share that we have participated in Foodex Japan, Onesimum in Tokyo! This prestigious international food and beverage trade fair is a key stage for the exhibition of the most innovative and innovative food and beverage products. latest trends, innovative products and advanced technologies in the food industry. Foodex Japan stands out for its dynamic atmosphere, networking opportunities and the possibility of establishing significant business connections in the Asian market. An enriching experience that allows us to explore new opportunities and share our passion for gastronomic excellence! 🍱🎌

The stand of Onesimum stood out for its impeccable presentation and the quality of its products. Visitors had the opportunity to try each of our products, and the feedback we received was exceptional, as well as an incredible turnout. We aroused a lot of expectation! We are proud to know that our efforts to offer high quality products are appreciated and valued by so many people.

Gluten-free cookies were undoubtedly the stars of the fair.. Exceptional taste, a surprising texture in a gluten-free product and undisputed quality left everyone speechless. It was an experience for the senses that reflected the dedication of Onesimum to offer ecological and sustainable products that delight and care for both people and the planet.'s organic honeys are a true treasure of nature.The purity of this product makes it stand out, exceptional quality and unparalleled taste. In our range of organic honeys, available, you will find a variety of options that will delight your taste buds. and will provide you with health benefits. From the delicious flower honey to the intense chestnut honey or the exquisite combination of oak and heather honey.Each variety captures the unique essence of its origin and offers an incomparable sensory experience. Discover the authentic taste of nature in every drop of our organic honeys, cultivated with care and respect for the environment.

During the event, we presented a wide variety of products, from our delicious jams and syrups to our baked goods. Visitors to our stand were able to taste our products and learn more about our passion for the production and distribution of high quality organic products. Something that they certainly noticed in the taste and the artisan care put into each of our products, which of course you can purchase at