Onesimum at the 36th Gourmets Exhibition


Hello everyone! Today we want to share an incredible experience we have had recently. We are excited to tell you that we have attended the 36th Salón Gourmets, one of the most important events in the world of gastronomy. And we have done it with our full range of products. The Salón Gourmets is a fair that is [...]

Spring Dishes '23 with Chef J.Muñoz and Onesimum

Onesimum en ACYRE

At Onsesimum, we are delighted to offer the chronicle of what was an amazing gastronomic day that took place recently and in which we were not only diners, but also participants. At the inauguration of the recently released spring of 2023, the renowned gastronomic expert Pilar Carrizosa organized a new edition of "Healthy [...]

Onesimum at Biofach 2023

Onesimum Biofach

Every year in February, Nuremberg, Germany becomes home to the world's largest organic food and agriculture trade fair. BioFach attracts a large number of exhibitors and trade visitors from all over the world, with a participation of 2774 exhibitors and approximately 46700 trade visitors from approximately 130 countries. You know who [...]

Interview with Onesimum on

Entrevista en TvBio a Onesimum publishes an interview with our CEO and founder Rafael Buerba. An in-depth interview that delves into the ecosystem of Onesimum where it is clear the importance and how we define the ecological, organic and sustainable products. Undoubtedly a great opportunity to get to know us a little better and to know where we are going. We are committed [...]

Onesimum receives the European Entrepreneurial Talent Award

Onesimum recibe el Premio Europeo al Talento Empresarial

The company Onesimum has recently received the European Business Talent Award from the European Association for Industry, Technology and Innovation (AEITI). The award ceremony took place on December 16 at the Marriot Auditorium Hotel in Madrid. The award was collected by Rafael Buerba Moreno, CEO and founder of Onesimum, from the hands of Jordi Bentanach, President of the European [...]

Onesimum and Taste Spain Austria

Onesimum en Taste Spain Viena

A new opportunity to present our products and meet the sector in an incomparable setting: Vienna. Onesimum was in Austria in a new meeting with professionals of the food sector and we come back with fantastic sensations. We are delighted that you can taste and value our products. For those of us who make edible products, with [...]

Onesimum was at Taste Spain Germany

Onesimum en Taste Spain Alemania

Taste Spain is a fair, an exhibition of reference throughout Europe, Onesimum could not miss this event, especially in an environment as important as Germany. The exhibition aims to present national products and flavors in the European market and discover new markets with capacity for expansion. In addition, we always look forward to [...]