Onesimum in Eco Cultura - Zamora

Onesimum Eco Cultura Zamora

Hello everyone! Last weekend, Onesimum had the pleasure of attending the Eco Cultura Fair in Zamora, an event that exuded positive energy and ecological commitment from every corner. We couldn't be happier, we can't help but share the excitement we experienced when witnessing how the attendees surrendered to the unparalleled taste of our products, in particular the Gluten Free, artisanal and vegan cookies, because each of them are made with all our passion and affection, but this new line was especially important to us, because of the food implications it has. We are delighted!

The cookies were, without a doubt, the stars of the show. The exceptional taste and indisputable quality blew everyone away. It was an experience for the senses that reflects Onesimum's dedication to providing you with organic and sustainable products that delight and care for both people and the planet. This experience reflects our unwavering commitment to producing organic and sustainable products that not only please the palate, but also promote environmental responsibility. Yet we never stop researching new flavors and modes of production that take this philosophy even further, we see no limit in this regard.

we cannot help but be grateful for the success achieved in this event and the positive impact that Onesimum is generating in the world of organic products. We thank from this space to the organization of Eco Cultura, a very well done event, with a lot of attendance, certainly an enriching experience. We look forward to future culinary explorations in our journey towards a greener and healthier world. We remind you that you can find all our products in with express shipping and available 24 hours a days a week. Thank you for continuing to support Onesimum!

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