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The Onesimum product portfolio compiles a careful selection of products of excellent quality, made with raw materials from organic agriculture; packaged with an attractive design and at very competitive prices.

Onesimum Productos Ecológicos


Who we are

At ONESIMUM we are manufacturers of first quality products.  
At ONESIMUM we understand that we must offer the best that the countryside gives us, respecting organic agriculture and taking care of the health of our consumers in a natural way.  
At ONESIMUM We are committed to ensuring that top quality organic products can reach as many consumers as possible, with the best value for money. In order to promote healthy eating.  

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Where to find us

In those countries where we are present (Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Mexico, United States, United Arab Emirates), you can find our products in HORECA chains as well as in supermarkets and retail distribution.

Onesimum Productos Ecológicos