Onesimum at Biocultura

La Casa Real y Onesimum

We have been in Biocultura and how we have enjoyed it! Biocultura is an annual event held in Madrid at the Feria de Madrid-Ifema during the first weekend of November. The fair focuses on organic products and responsible consumption, and is attended by more than 400 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors. In addition to the exhibition, more than 300 activities take place. Of course we could not miss the event.

We fully align ourselves with the words of the fair's director, Ángeles Parra, who commented that "it would be very difficult to summarize these almost 40 years of fairs, activism, rebellion and social awareness. We have never been a fad. Time has proven us right. The future will be green or it won't be". Some words, a priori blunt, that hide behind a very powerful meaning, because we must bet on sustainability for our planet and the future legacy that we will leave. That is why we offer a catalog where there is only room for organic products, this is it:

We continue to innovate with tenacity and determination in the eco-food industry. Our "gluten-free" products have triumphed.  New in cookies, handmade with organic certified ingredients, these cookies are perfect for those looking for a healthy and sustainable option.. In addition, they are vegan and gluten-free, making them suitable for people with different dietary needs.. Undoubtedly it has been one of the star products, they have surprised, for its flavor and texture.

In addition, we received a visit that made us especially excited. None other than Queen Letiziawhich was present at BioCultura, which was present at BioCultura stopped by our booth and showed great interest in our delicious line of cookies. ecological and in particular in the "gluten-free" cookies emphasizing the advances in quality, texture and flavor, suitable for people with any dietary needs.

Are you a wine lover looking for organic and vegan options? Onesimum wines are the answer! Certified organic and handcrafted, these wines are perfect for those looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable option. You can find a variety of wines on our website, from Tempranillo or Garnacha, to other options that will put your palate in check.

As if our visit to the fair were not enough, which left us with an excellent personal and business memory, confirming that we are taking small steps in the right direction, we had the pleasure of being interviewed for the well-known program "Agroesfera" of the 2, RTVE, where we were able to show and bring to the public our delicious canned vegetablesin concert, the Organic artichoke hearts in sea waterwhich have also been selected as one of the 23 best canned food products in Spain by Expansión. You can see the program of Agroesfera and Onesimum by clicking on this link.