Onesimum at Biofach 2023

Onesimum Biofach 2023

Hello everyone, we have exciting news to share! Last week we attended Biofach 2023, the world's largest organic and sustainable food fair and it was a great success! We also had a great time, organization, meetings, public, stand, everything, in a wonderful environment, definitely to repeat.

At Onesimum we are committed to offering high quality and sustainable products, with a strong emphasis on artisanal production, natural flavors and ingredients and Biofach was a perfect opportunity to present our latest creations and connect with other industry leaders. Not only was it an opportunity to present our products, but also to learn from others and broaden our view of the industry.

We are excited to announce that our products have been very well received at the show. Biofach attendees were delighted with the quality and innovation of our products, and we are grateful for the support we received. It's always great to get feedback, to get first-hand opinion, not only from people with a lot of experience in the industry, but from the audience in particular.

Not only are we excited about the success we have had at Biofach, but we are also excited about what's next. We are committed to continuing to create high quality, sustainable products and are excited about the opportunities ahead of us. Here's a small taste (not all) of what's to come....

If you are interested in learning more about our products and how we work to create healthy, sustainable, vegan, organic, and above all delicious options, feel free to visit our website and get in touch with us! Thank you for supporting Onesimum in our mission to create a healthier, sustainable world full of flavor!

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