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Entrevista en TvBio a Onesimum publishes an interview with our CEO and founder Rafael Buerba.. An in-depth interview that delves into the ecosystem of Onesimum where it is clear the importance and how we define the ecological, organic and sustainable products.

Onesimum Productos Ecológicos

Undoubtedly a great opportunity to get to know us a little better and know where we are going. We are committed to quality, sustainability and good price, to try to bring organic products to all audiences and all budgets.

Our star product is undoubtedly the cookies. They are your favorite and we must confess that we also have particular affection for them, we love how tasty they are. Their process is totally handmade, there are people behind each product taking care of their production and packaging until they reach your hands in a wide distribution network, not only nationally, but also internationally.

In addition you will find a glimpse of a new range of products that we will offer soon, we tell you as a preview that we will have a line of gluten-free cookies, but we invite you to click on the following link and access directly to the interview to know all the information.

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