Onesimum receives the European Entrepreneurial Talent Award

Onesimum recibe el Premio Europeo al Talento Empresarial

The company Onesimum has recently received the European Award for entrepreneurial talent.
awarded by the European Association for Industry, Technology and Innovation (EITI). The award
The awards ceremony was held on December 16 at the Marriot Auditorium Hotel in Madrid. The
The award was collected by Rafael Buerba Moreno, CEO and founder of Onesimum from the hands of Jordi
Bentanach, president of AEITI. This distinction is a recognition to the trajectory
and success in the internationalization of the company .

At the time of the award presentation, the CEO thanked all those present for the
achievement of this award. In addition, he commented "we are a team of people
committed to the quality of Spanish organic food and agricultural products and
we are proud that they are known all over the world, for us this award is a great honor.
very important in these difficult times.

Currently, Onesimum products are distributed in specialized stores, in channels such as
HORECA and through its website. In our products we only use the following products
(Bio) and we try to make them as handcrafted as possible in their production, we give
importance, above all, to the raw material in the first instance, which gives them a
unmistakable, authentic flavor.

Onesimum Productos Ecológicos

Onesimum has a strong future projection, supported by national and international markets.
international, it is always at the forefront of new product development, we believe
that R&D is indispensable to look to the horizon ahead and to offer new
market incorporations, always with a firm commitment to high quality.

In addition, the European Association for Industry, Technology and Innovation (EITI) is
formed by a group of entrepreneurs committed to technological progress and innovation.
industry, whose main objective is to assist and support Spanish companies in order to
to advance and lead within Europe. AEITI's goal is also to build bridges of
business between Europe and Latin America

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