Onesimum was at Taste Spain Germany

Onesimum en Taste Spain Alemania

Taste Spain is a fair, an exhibition of reference throughout Europe, Onesimum could not miss this event, especially in an environment as important as Germany. The purpose of the exhibition is to present national products and flavors in the European market and to discover new markets with capacity for expansion.

In addition, we always go with the look of observing dressed as standard. We love to move around markets and food fairs in search of innovation and possible synergies in the sector, which we are passionate about. We are also very sensitive to face-to-face feedback. We like to know first hand the reactions to our products, in this sense we could not be happier.

Our cookies disappeared from the exhibition every few days when they were put out for tasting with very good reviews in terms of flavor and texture, although their individual wrapping has also been very well liked.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils from organic production surprised most of the attendees. Its smoothness and flavor have left many of them wanting to take a few bottles of our "Spanish gold" with them.

Jams y syrups have also been very well received, such as, for example, the tomato jamwhich is less sweet than usual and often surprises in the tasting, or the combination of peach with chiawhich provides a novel texture and many health benefits thanks to its nutrients.

We also highlight our canned vegetables. Preserved in virgin olive oil and selected in a process of organic and ecological cultivation, with a taste "of the old days", undoubtedly surprising, specifically the one of our artichokes in its two varieties was very surprising..

We are looking forward to the next fair, we have a new appointment with Taste Spain, this time in Austria. at the end of this month, specifically on the 29th of this month. we are waiting for you with our products!

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